36 Interesting Facts About Bolivia

  1. The official name of Bolivia is "Plurinational State of Bolivia" and it situated in south america continent.
  2. Bolivia name comes from a Venezuelan freedom fighter "Simon Bolivar" and he was first President of independent Bolivia.
  3. Bolivia is made up with 112 provinces and nine states.
  4. Madeira River is the largest river in Bolivia which length is about 2,020 miles.
  5. Spanish languages is the official language of Bolivia and other languages are Aymara, Quechua, Chiquitano and Tupi Guarani.
  6. 50.29% land of Bolivia is covered by forests and woodlands and it contributes 6% total area of Amazon forest.
  7. Bolivia have the 5th largrest biodiversity in south america and it placed 15th largest biodiversity country in the world after 
  8. Bolivia's 53.1 millions hectares areas covered by forests with 300 species of mammals, 150 species of bird, 69 species of reptiles, 57 species of amphibians and 978 species of fishes.
  9. The international border of Bolivia is meet up with 5 countries and these are Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Paraguay.
  10. There haven't any islands because it is a landlocked country and it's international border length is about 3,423 km.
  11. Bolivia got her independence on 6th August 1825 from Spain.
  12. "Santa Cruz de la Sierra" city is the largest city in Bolivia which area is about 325.6 km² and it's population is about 14 lakhs.
  13. Sucre is the capital of Bolivia which area is about 11,800 km² and it's total population is about 6 lakhs.
  14. The total area of Bolivia is about 1.099 millions km² and it is the 5th largest country in South America and also it is the 27th largest country in the world.
  15. Total population of Bolivia is about 1.19 crores people's of Bolivia is known as Bolivians.
  16. Approximate 78% Bolivians have followed roman catholic and rest people have followed muslim and other religions.
  17. The National flag of Bolivia have three colour these are red, yellow and green. Red colour represent the blood of freedom fighters while green colour symbolizes fertility and yellow colour represent the deposited minerals in Bolivia.
  18. "Bolivian Boliviano" is the official currency of Bolivia and currently One USD equivalent to 6.85 Bolivian Boliviano.
  19. Bolivia is the world's most wettest country with 5000 mm rainfall in every year.
  20. "The Guembe Biocenter" is the world's largest butterflies sanctuary which situated in Santa Cruz city in Bolivia and it's total area is about 24 hectares.
  21. "North Yungas Road" is the most dangerous road in Bolivia because 200 people have died in every year due to fall from the road, it's length is about 60 km which connects between La Paz, Las Yungas and Amazon.
  22. "la Paz" city's traffic police wears zebra skin colour dress during their duty.
  23. "Lake Titicaca" is the world's highest lake and it is the largest lake in Bolivia which situated in between two countries Peru and Bolivia and it's area is about 8,372 km².
  24. Poopo lake is the second largest salt water lake in Bolivia which area is about 3,191 km².
  25. La Paz city is the first South American city who received electricity in 1990 and it produced from lalma dung.
  26. There is a clock outside of the national congress building of "LA Paz" city which runs backward.
  27. "Tiwanaku" civilization is a ruined ancient civilizations which situated near the Titicaca lake in Bolivia.
  28. "Salar de Uyuni" is the world's largest salt flat and world's largest mirror which situated in "Daniel Campos Province" in Bolivia and it's area is about 10,582 km².
  29. San Pedro prison is the largest prison in La Paz province it is the most tourists attraction in Bolivia because, there prisoners could stay with their family.
  30. There are 41 islands have situated and titicaca island is the largest island in Bolivia.
  31. "Luna Salada hotel" is a wired hotel in the world which entirely made up with salt and it situated near the "Salar de Uyuni" in Bolivia.
  32. "Cal Orcko" is the oldest limestone rock in Bolivia where scientist have found 5,000 footprints of dinosaurs which are 68 millions years old.
  33. "Cerro Rico de Potosi" is the oldest and dangerous silver mining in Bolivia because estimated 8 millions people died till now from 500 years ago.
  34. "Nevado Sajama" is the highest point in Bolivia which height is about 6,542 meters.