42 Interesting Facts About Brazil

  1. The official name of Brazil is "Federative Republic of Brazil" and it situated in south america continent.
  2. Brazil name came from "brazilwood tree" and it made up with 26 states.
  3. Portuguese language is the official language of Brazil and other languages are German, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Spanish, English and Chinese.
  4. 62.4% land of Brazil is covered by forests and woodlands which estimated area is about 519 millions hectares.
  5. Brazil has the largrest biodiversity in the world and total 210,000 species of flora and fauna have found there.
  6. There are living 722 species of mammals, 1822 species of bird, 732 species of reptiles, 1136 species of amphibians and 379 species of fishes in Brazil.
  7. According to the "National Mapping and Resource Information Authority" Brazil has 21 islands which have situated in Atlantic Ocean.
  8. "Marajo" is the world's largest fluvial island and largest island of Brazil which area is about 40,100 km².
  9. The international border of Brazil is meet up with ten countries these are Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana and it's total land border length is about 10,492 miles.
  10. Brazil has world's 17th largest coastline and it's total length is about 4,655 km.
  11. Brazil got her independence on 7th September in 1822 from Portugal and "Deodoro da Fonseca" was the first President of Brazil who elected by congress party in 1889.
  12. "Sao Paulo" is the largest city in Brazil which area is about 1,521 km² and it's population is about 1.24 crores.
  13. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil which area is about 5,802 m² and it's total population is about 32 lakhs.
  14. The total area of Brazil is about 8.511 millions km² and it is the 5th largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, United States and China.
  15. Brazil is the world's 5th largest populous country, it's population is about 22.5 crores and citizens of Brazil is known as Brazilians.
  16. Brazil is a south american country but it's 56% population are european.
  17. Approximate 64.5% Brazilians have followed roman catholic, 22% are following muslims  and rest people have followed other religions.
  18. Brazil has the largrest number of catholic church in the world approximately 275 churches have situated in this country.
  19. The National flag of Brazil have three colour these are green, yellow and blue. Green colour represent the forest while yellow colour symbolizes to the gold and blue colour represent the sky.
  20. "Brazilian real" is the official currency of Brazil and currently One USD equivalent to 5.49 Brazilian real.
  21. 'Rio de Janeiro' was the first capital of Portugal in 1808-1821 which situated outside of Europe.
  22. Brazil is the first country in South America who hosted the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.
  23. Brazil won the "FIFA World Cup" for five times which is a great achievements of this country.
  24. "Eike Fuhrken Batista da Silva" was the world's seventh richest person in 2012 & he was a Brazilian entrepreneur and his estimated networth had 35 billion USD.
  25. "Rio de Janeiro" is oldest city of Brazil and which was also capital of Brazil until 1960.
  26. Voting is compulsory in Brazil if anyone don't vote then his passport will be cancelled.
  27. Brazil is the world's top most dr*gs smug*ling country, here dru*s price is 30 times less than the rest of the world.
  28. Brazilian prisoners could reduce their punishment by reading the books.
  29. Macaw is the national bird of Brazil which is the world's most colourful bird.
  30. The Amazon is the world's largest river which flows through the Brazil and it's length is about 6,400 km.
  31. Brazil is the world's top most coffee producer country which estimated amount is about 3.5 millions metrics tons in every year.
  32. The Amazon forest is the world's largest forest which situated in 9 differents countries Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, Ecuador & French Guiana and it's total area is about 2.2 millions miles square.
  33. "Ilha da Queimada Grande" which also known as the snake island because there have found 5 poisonous snakes in every square metres, it is the world's most dangerous island and it situated in Atlantic Ocean in Brazil.
  34. There is a city in Brazil which named "Nao-Me-Toque", it's means don't touch me.
  35. The Apple company's all products are so much expensive in Brazil and it's price is about twice than USA market.
  36. "Caipirinha" is the national drinks of Brazil which made from sugar and lime.
  37. "Francisco de Orellana" was the first traveller who explore the entire Amazon forest in 16th century.
  38. "Ilha de Marajo" is the world's largest fresh water surrounding island which situated in Brazil and it's area is about 13 square miles.
  39. "Edson Arantes do Nascimento" is the best and richest retired Brazilian footballer in the world who also known as "Pele".
  40. Brazil has the second highest number of airports in the world after Canada.
  41. "Christ the Redeemer" is the world's tallest Jesus Christ's statue, it also a member of seven wonders of the modern world which situated on the Cocovado mountain of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
  42. "Pico da Neblina" is highest mountain of Brazil which height is about 2,998 meters.