35 Interesting Facts About Fiji

  1. The official name of Fiji is "The Republic of the Fiji Islands" and it located near the Australia and New Zealand in Oceania continent.
  2. Fiji name came from "viti" which means island in Tongan language.
  3. Abel Tasman is first european who visited Fiji in 1643 and he reached to the Vanua Levu  island.
  4. Fiji is made up with 15 provinces and 1,193 villages.
  5. According to 1997 constitution of Fiji English, Fiji Hindi and iTaukei languages are three official languages of Fiji and other languages are Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati.
  6. 56% land of Fiji is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 1.5% forest land of the world's total forests.
  7. Fiji have 1 millions hectares forest areas with 15 species of mammals, 180 species of bird, 30 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians and 1,208 species of fishes.
  8. Fiji is an island's groups country which situated in pecific ocean so it's international border is totally coastline and it's nearest country is Vanuatu.
  9. There about 330 islands have situated in Fiji but only 112 islands are inhabited.
  10. "Viti Levu Island" is the largest island of Fiji which are is about 10,388 km² and it is one of the most beautiful island of Fiji.
  11. Fiji got her independence on 10th October in 1970 from United Kingdom.
  12. Suva city is the largest and capital city of Fiji which area is about 2,048 km² and it's population is about 87 lakhs.
  13. The total area of Fiji is about 18,333 km² and it's coastline length is about 1,129 km.
  14. Total population of Fiji is about 9.76 lakhs citizens of Fiji is known as Fijians.
  15. The National flag of Fiji have blue colour, union jack and a army badge. Blue colour represent the surrounded pecific ocean, union jack symbolised to British empire and army badge displaying the palm trees, bananas, sugarcanes and peace.
  16. Fijian dollar is the official currency of Fiji and currently One USD equivalent to 2.26 Fijian dollar (FJD).
  17. According to archeologists's information Fiji Islands has been inhabited from 2 millions years ago. Polynesians are the oldest tribes of Fiji and they civilized in Viti Levu island.
  18. Ancient Fiji was known as the cannibal island because Fijian tribes were eatting human flesh 2,500 years ago.
  19. Monuriki is the most beautiful and expensive island of Fiji where 1 lakhs tourists have visited in every year.
  20. There have located 8 volcanoes in Fiji and Koro is the largest volcano but it didn't erupted from last 350 years.
  21. Mount Tomanivi is the highest mountain in Fiji which is an extinct volcano and it's height is about 1,324 meters.
  22. Suva city received the highest rainfalls in a week at least 2 days in every week.
  23. Approximately 60% people have got electricity in Fiji and it's total electric power supply depends on hydro power and solar energy.
  24. Fijian's culture is mixture of Indian, european & chinese culture and Fiji's national dance is looking like African tribes dance.
  25. Collared lory is national bird and tagimaucia is national flower of Fiji.
  26. Approximate 45% Fijian have followed Protestant, 29% are following Hindu and rest people have followed other religions such as Christians, muslims, catholic etc.
  27. Sri Siva Subramaniya temple is the largest temple in Fiji which built by Jai Ram Reddy in 1986.
  28. Kava is the national drinks of Fiji, it made from Piper methysticum which is a native plant grows on the western Pacific islands.
  29. Rugby is the national sport of Fiji and their best performances did in Rugby World Cup in 1987 and 2007.
  30. Fiji is the most attractive tourist destination for it's white sandy beaches,tropical weather, beautiful islands and coral reefs and it also has overtaken the USA, New Zealand & Australia in terms of tourists attractions.
  31. According to archeological evidence Fijian cannibals didn't eat naturally died people only eat killed people's flesh.
  32. Tagimaucia lake is the largest lake in Fiji which situated in Taveuni Island and it's area is about 23 hectares.
  33. Rewa River is the largest and widest river in Fiji which length is about 145 km.
  34. Fiji have largest coral reef system in the Southwest Pacific Ocean which total area is about 3,870 km².
  35. Cakaulevu Reef is the world's third largest continuous barrier reef and it's total area is about 203 km² which situated near the Vanua Levu island in Fiji.