45 Interesting Facts About Iceland

  1. The official name of Iceland is "Republic of Iceland" and it situated in northern Europe.
  2. Iceland is a islands country which located in between North America and Europe and it divided into 7 provinces.
  3. Iceland discovered by "Naddodd" who was a norse viking and he was the first settlers in Iceland.
  4. Icelandic language is the official language of Iceland and other languages are english german, spanish and french.
  5. Approximately 2% land of Iceland is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 0.53% forest land of the world's total forests.
  6. Iceland's 1,870 hectares areas is covered by forests with 56 species of mammal, 378 species of bird and 340 species of fish.
  7. Iceland is the one of the only country where haven't any single reptile and amphibian creature.
  8. Iceland haven't any international land border and it's nearest country is Greenland which situated at 280 km away from Iceland.
  9. There about 36 islands have situated and 32 islands are inhabited and "Heimaey Island" is the largest island of Iceland.
  10. Iceland got her independence on 17th July 1944 from Denmark.
  11. Reykjavik city is the largest  and capital city of Iceland which area is about 274.5 km² and it's population is about 1.87 lakhs.
  12. The total area of Iceland is about 103,000 km² and it is the 18th largest islands country in the world and 2nd largest islands country in Europe after Great Britain.
  13. Total population of Iceland is about 4.35 lakhs 15% population are foreigners and citizens of Iceland is known as Icelander.
  14. The National flag of Iceland have three colour these are red, blue and white. Red colour represent the active volcanoes in Iceland, white colour represent snow and blue colour represent the surrounded Atlantic Ocean.
  15. Icelandic Krona is the official currency of Iceland and currently One USD equivalent to 146.52 Icelandic Krona.
  16. Some people believe that dwarf icelanders have a special spiritual power.
  17. The sun doesn't set in Iceland continuously for two months June and July.
  18. There haven't any McDonald's restaurants in Iceland because Icelanders have boycotted the foreign fast food restaurant in 2008.
  19. There are 130 active and inactive volcanoes situated in Iceland and Katla volcano is the largest volcano in Iceland which last erupted in 1918 and it still active.
  20. Iceland is home of the three UNESCO world heritage sites and these are pingvellir national park, surtsey and Vatnajokull National Park.
  21. Iceland is situated on the zones of two tectonic plates and these are North American plate and Eurasian plate.
  22. There are atleast one volcano erupts in every four years in Iceland.
  23. The women population is greater than the men population in Iceland which ratio is about 100.69 males per 100 females.
  24. Pub, strip club, prostitution and pornography are banned in Iceland.
  25. According to global peace index Iceland is the world's most safest country and after that is New Zealand.
  26. Anyone can't owned any Snakes, lizards and turtles in Iceland because it is illegal here.
  27. Iceland is the only one country in the world where haven't any mosquitoes.
  28. Approximate 72% Icelanders have followed christian, 8% are following  Roman catholic and rest people have followed other religions.
  29. There have only six forests in Iceland and Hallormsstadur National Forest is the largest forest in Iceland which area is about 740 hectares.
  30. Alcohol consumption had been banned in Iceland but now it is legalized from 1989.
  31. Iceland is the one of 23 countries in the world which haven't any kind of active military force.
  32. There have a special rules for surname naming such as son uses "son" surname and similarly daughter uses "daughter" surname.
  33. "Johanna Sigurdardottir" was the first democratic lesbian president of Iceland and she elected in 1942.
  34. Approximately 60% Icelanders living in capital city Reykjavik and rest people are living in urban areas.
  35. Pjorsa is the longest river in Iceland which length is about 230 km.
  36. Iceland have the world's oldest democracy which established in 930 AD but world's first democracy introduced by Greeks in 460 BC in Athens, Greece.
  37. Hvannadalshnjukur is the highest mountain in Iceland which height is about 2,110 meters.
  38. Vatnajokull is the largest glacier in Iceland and second largest glacier in Europe and it's volume is the 3,330 cubic km.
  39. Handball is the national sport of Iceland and others favourite sports are basketball, football, volleyball and horseback riding.
  40. Iceland is the first country in the world in terms of books publish per capita.
  41. There situated a penis museum in Reykjavik city where preserved more than 200 differents mammal's penis.
  42. Icelanders are publishing more books per capita than any other country in the world.
  43. Iceland is a eco friendly country because there electricity supply totally depends on hydroelectric power and geothermal energy.
  44. There haven't any railway network in Iceland but there have 38 airports.
  45. Iceland is the world's 12nd largest country in terms of gun ownership per capita.