45 Interesting Facts About Israel

  1. The official name of Israel is "the State of Israel" and it is a Western Asian country.
  2. Israel is made up with 16 States and 77 municipalities.
  3. Hebrew language is the official language of Israel and other languages are english, Arabic and Urdu.
  4. 8% land of Israel is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 0.98% forest land of the world's total forests but it's total forests area is increasing very fast from 2006.
  5. Israel's 0.154 millions hectares areas is covered by forests with 97 species of mammals, 530 species of bird, 100 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians and 600 species of fishes.
  6. The international border of Israel is meet up with four countries and these are Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.
  7. Israel is the world's shortest country where you can run from east to west in just 2 hours and north to south in just 9 days.
  8. There are a group of three Israeli islands in the Mediterranean Sea and "Nahlieli Island" is the largest island of Israel.
  9. Israel got her independence on 14th May in 1948 from British empire.
  10. Jerusalem city is the largest and capital city of Israel which area is about 126 km² and it's population is about 9 lakhs.
  11. The total area of Israel is about 23 thausands km² and it is the 149th largest country in the world.
  12. Total population of Israel is about 91 lakhs and citizens of Israel is known as Israelis.
  13. The National flag of Israel have two colour these are blue and white. Blue strips represent the traditional Jewish prayer shawl and the middle Star of David is symbolised to the Jewish people and Judaism and white colour represent peace and brotherhood.
  14. Israeli New Shekel is the official currency of Israel and currently One USD equivalent to 3.50 Israeli New Shekel (ILS).
  15. Israeli New Shekel currency using Braille writing system which help to blind person for detect the currency value.
  16. Approximately 74% Israelis have followed Jewish, 17% are following muslims  and rest people have followed other religions such as Christians, Druze etc.
  17. Foreigner Jewish people get Israel citizenship after his birth.
  18. Israel's air force is the world's fastest decision takers country.
  19. Mossad is the world's most dangerous intelligence agency and it owned by Israel government.
  20. Seven muslims countries had attacked on Israel after gained her independence but these attackers countries had defeated by Israel only in six days, this war also known as the Arab-Israeli War, 1967.
  21. Israel have the world's 4th largest airforce after USA, Russia and China.
  22. World's first cellphone made in Israel by Motorola company and also first Pentium chip invented in Israel by Vinod Dham.
  23. Israel government has a simple laws if any foreigner killed one Israelis then Israel government killed 50 people of killer's nation.
  24. Israel is the only one country in the world where all citizens will trained in Israel army for atleast 3 years.
  25. Israel is the world's 9th country who has own satellite system and never share her satellites system with any country.
  26. Israel is the only one country in the world where full country is fully equipped with the anti-ballistic missiles defense system.
  27. The world's first  computer anti virus was invented in Israel in 1979.
  28. You cannot clean your nose and ears on Sunday in Israel if you do it you will punished.
  29. Pakistanis couldn't go to Israel because Pakistanis hates Israel.
  30. There are no written constitution in Israel like Britain and New Zealand.
  31. Approximately 90% Israelis used is the Solar energy and Israel is world's largest solar energy used country.
  32. There are eight universities and 48 colleges in Israel which ratio is greater than the Israelis population. 
  33. Ther are only 40 selling books store because Israel government provides books to everyone free of cost.
  34. Mount Hermon is the highest mountain in Israel which height is about 2,814 meters.
  35. World's highest numbers of the diamond cutting and policing companies have situated in Israel.
  36. Israel government invite to Albert Einstein for become the Israel's president in 1952 but but Einstein rejected this offer.
  37. Israelis archeologists have found a 2000 years old palm seed in 1963 then it planted in Judea city.
  38. Israel has made the highest number of domestic computers units in every year.
  39. World's tiniest bibel has preserved in Israel which is a gold-coated silicon chip and it contains 1.2 million letters in this bible.
  40. Tiberias lake is the largest lake in Israel which area is about 10 km² and it's water is drinkable.
  41. Majuli river is the largest river in Israel which length is about 80 km.
  42. Dead sea is the world's largest floatation tank which situated in between two countries Jordan and Israel.
  43. Belz Great Synagogue is the largest sanctuary in Israel which situated in Jerusalem where total seats are 10,000.
  44. There have more than 200 museums which is greater than per capita than any other country.
  45. Carmelit is the world's smallest subway systems which situated in Haifa city, Israel and it's length is about 1.8 km.