35 Interesting Facts About Lithuania

  1. The official name of Lithuania is "the Republic of Lithuania" and it located in eastern Europe continent.
  2. Lithuania is the member of European Union since 2004 and it also part of the Nordic-Baltic co-operation of Northern European countries.
  3. Lithuania name came from "lyti and lietus" which means rain and it made up with 60 municipalities.
  4. Lithuanian language is the official language of Lithuania and other languages are Polish, Russian and Belarusian.
  5. Lithuanian language is one of the oldest language in the world and it also too much difficult to learn.
  6. 28% land of Lithuania is covered by forests and woodlands which estimated area is about 2 millions hectares.
  7. There are living 45 species of mammals, 342 species of bird, 48 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibians and 959 species of fishes in Lithuania.
  8. According to the "National Mapping and Resource Information Authority" Lithuania has 26 islands and Rusne is the largest island in Lithuania which area is about 45 km².
  9. The international border of Lithuania is meet up with 4 countries these are Latvia, Poland, Belarus and Russia and it's total land border length is about 1,574 km.
  10. Lithuania gained her independence on 16th February in 1918 from the Soviet union and "Antanas Smetona" was the first President of Lithuania who elected by the State Council of Lithuania in 1919.
  11. "Vilnius" is the largest and capital city of Lithuania which area is about 407 km² and it's population is about 6.4 lakhs.
  12. The total area of Lithuania is about 65,300 km² and it is the 124th largest country in the world after Sri Lanka.
  13. Lithuania is the world's 143rd largest populous country, it's population is about 28.1 lakhs and citizens of Lithuania is known as Lithuanians.
  14. Approximate 77% Lithuanians have followed Roman Catholic, 5% are following Russian orthodox and rest people have followed other religions.
  15. Lithuania's ancient religion was Romuva but after 1387 AD it converted into christianity.
  16. The National flag of Lithuania have three colour these are green, yellow and red. Green colour represent the forests, floral and hopes while yellow colour symbolizes to the Sun and red colour represent the blood of freedom fighters.
  17. "Euro" is the official currency of Lithuania and currently One USD equivalent to 0.92 Euro.
  18. Lithuania was the largest country in Europe continent in 1400 AD because in that time Lithuania stretched to Poland, Ukraine and some parts of Russia.
  19. Aukstojas is the highest mountain in Lithuania which elevation is about 305 meters.
  20. Lithuania was the first country who left the "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" on 11th March in 1990.
  21. The white stork is the national bird of Lithuania since 1973 which represent its people, history, culture and nature.
  22. Lithuanians discovered a special type of Vodka which made from maize.
  23. Lietuvos Kvapas is the official fragrance of Lithuania and it is the only one country in the world with its national fragrance.
  24. Cepelinai is national dish of Lithuania which made from riced potatoes & meat and it is oval shaped like a zeppelin airship.
  25. Vilnius University is the oldest University in Baltic states (Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia) which founded in 1579.
  26. Basketball is the most popular sport in Lithuania and Arvydas Sabonis is the greatest Lithuanian basketball player.
  27. Nemunas is the largest river in Lithuania which length is about 937 km.
  28. There are about 6,000 lakes have located in Lithuania and Druksiai is the largest lake in Lithuania which area is about 45 km².
  29. There have located 4 UNESCO world heritage sites in Lithuania and these are Curonian Spit, Struve Geodetic Arc, Kernave and Vilnius.
  30. There situated a theme park in Lithuania which recreates life as a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics citizens, before entering this park visitor wears gas masks and after three hours experience they drink russian vodka.
  31. Purnuskes village (54°54′N 25°19′E) is the geographical center of Europe which situated in Lithuania.
  32. Lithuania joined in the United Nations (UN) on 17th September in 1991.
  33. Mindaugas was the only one Christian king of Lithuania and he ruled for 15 years from 1236 to 1251.
  34. Lithuania is world's highest country by the number of hot air balloons per capita and Vilnius is the only one capital in the world where you can fly with hot air balloons over the whole city without any restrictions.
  35. Lithuania is the world's first country who ban on the selling of energy drinks to under 18.