40 Interesting Facts About Maldives

  1. The official name of Maldives is "the Republic of Maldives" and it located in South Asia.
  2. Maldives name derived from "maladvipa" which means garland of islands in sanskrit language.
  3. Dhivehi language is the official language of Maldives and other languages are arabic, urdu french, english and Persian.
  4. 60% land of Maldives is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 3.3% forest land of the world's total forests.
  5. Maldives's 1000 hectares areas is covered by forests with 11 species of mammal, 10,000 species of bird, 2 species of reptile, 2 species of amphibian and 2,000 species of fish.
  6. Maldives haven't any land International border with any country because Maldives is an islands group country which located in Indian Ocean.
  7. The international maritime border of Maldives is meet up with 3 countries these are india, Sri Lanka, British territories.
  8. There about 1,192 islands have situated but only 200 islands are inhabited and "Gan Island" is the largest island of Maldives.
  9. Maldives got her independence on 26th July 1965 from United Kingdom.
  10. Ibrahim Nasir was the first prime minister and Mohamed Ameen Didi was the first president of independent Maldives.
  11. Male city is the largest and capital city of Maldives which area is about 6.8 km² and it's population is about 2.11 lakhs.
  12. The total area of Maldives is about 297.8 km² and it is the smallest country in the Asia.
  13. Total population of Maldives is about 6.87 lakhs but 16% population are foreigners and citizens of Maldives is known as Dhivehin.
  14. The National flag of Maldives have two colour and moon. Red colour represent the blood of freedom fighters, green colour represent the favourite colour of prophet Muhammad and moon symbolised to muslim nation.
  15. Approximately 98.2% Maldivian have followed muslim and rest people have followed other religions such as Christians, buddhist, Druze etc.
  16. Modern Maldives is a muslim country but the ancient Maldives was a buddhist country.
  17. Maldivian rufiyaa is the official currency of Maldives and currently One USD equivalent to 15.50 Maldivian rufiyaa.
  18. Maldives is the richest country in south asia and it's GDP is estimated 8.667 billion USD.
  19. Indian Passport holder don't need to carry a visa when travel in Maldives but visa will be issued once after reach to Maldives airport.
  20. Approximately 10 lakhs tourists have visited the Maldives in every year and 1/3 GDP depends on tourism industry which contributes 2 billion USD to the Maldives economy in every year.
  21. Maldives is a muslim country yet women could wear any types of modern dress without restrictions.
  22. Anyone can't take alcoholic products in public places and on the sea beach it is illegal in Maldives.
  23. There have two weekends which are Friday and Saturday in Maldives.
  24. The Maldives is the home of 21 species of whale and dolphin.
  25. The Maldives is the most largest flattest country in the world.
  26. There haven't any mountain and river in Maldives and it totally gone under the sea water in 2004.
  27. Maldives is the world's lowest altitude country and it's height is about 1.3 meters from sea level.
  28. Maldives is the world's smallest muslim country and Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country.
  29. According to the 2008 constitution non muslim people couldn't get citizenship in Maldives.
  30. Addu Atoll is the highest point in Maldives which height is about only 8 feet.
  31. Maldives cabinet hold the world's first under water meeting which held on 17 October in 2009.
  32. Pink Rose and coconut tree is the official flower and tree of Maldives.
  33. According to United Nations Maldives is the world's highest divorce rate country where 10.97 divorced per 1000 couples.
  34. Maldives and Bhutan are only two countries in the world where haven't any UNESCO world heritage sites.
  35. Bandaara Kilhi is the largest lake in Maldives and it's average depth is 12 feet & area is about 0.5 km².
  36. There have located 22 atolls in Maldives which formed from the prehistoric volcanic eruption in Indian Ocean.
  37. The world's largest 3D printed coral reef is situated in summer island, Maldives.
  38. Maldives is the great place in world where you can see various types of dolphins and whales at any season.
  39. Ithaa is the world's first under water resturant which situated at 16 feet depth from sea level in Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives.
  40. Maldives is the one of the most safest travel destination in the world.