39 Interesting Facts About Nepal

  1. The official name of Nepal is "The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal" and it is a mountainous landlocked Asian country.
  2. Nepal is made up with seven states and more than 1300 mountain peaks.
  3. Nepali language is the official language of Nepal and other languages are hindi, english and sanskrit.
  4. 40.95% land of Nepal is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 3% forest land of the world's total forests.
  5. Nepal's 6 millions hectares areas is covered by forests with 208 species of mammals, 867 species of bird, 49 species of reptiles, 1240 species of amphibians and 226 species of fishes.
  6. The international border of Nepal is meet up with two countries these are China and India.
  7. There about 13,000 mountain peaks have situated out of 8 mountain's height is more than 8,000 meters and "Mount Everest" is the world's highest mountain which situated in Nepal and it's height is about 8,848 meters.
  8. Nepal founded by King Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1769 and Nepal doesn't have any independence day.
  9. Kathmandu is the largest and capital city of Nepal which area is about 600 km² and it's population is about 18 lakhs.
  10. The total area of Nepal is about  147,189 km² and it is the 92nd largest country in the world.
  11. Total population of Nepal is about 2.67 crores and citizens of Nepal is known as Nepalese.
  12. Nepal's flag is the only one flag in the world which size isn't square.
  13. The National flag of Nepal have three colours these are blue, red and white. Red colour represent the bravery, blue colour border represent the peace & harmony and there have sun and crescent moon sign on the flag.
  14. Nepalese rupee is the official currency of Nepal and currently One USD equivalent to 123 Nepalese rupee.
  15. Nepal is the world's 28th poorest country more than half of Nepalese daily income is less than 1 dollar.
  16. Nepal is the oldest country in South asia which existing from 1300 BC.
  17. Nepal's railway road total length is about 59 kilometers because there are large amount of hills area.
  18. Nepal's GDP is totally depend on tourism industry but after 2005 earthquakes many tourists destination have destroyed as a result Nepal's GDP go slow down.
  19. Nepalese are don't handshake during meetings they use the word "Namaste" like Indian culture.
  20. Pashupatinath Temple is the most famous hindu temple in Nepal which situated on the bank of the Bagmati River.
  21. World's slowest internet service is available in Nepal which download speeds is less than 256kbps.
  22. Tobacco, drugs, prostitution are illegal in Nepal.
  23. Nepal is a hindu secular nation where 81.3% of total populations are following hindu.
  24. Lord Buddha born in Lumbini city, Nepal in 623 BC and Mahashivratri is the largest festival in Nepal.
  25. Boudha Stupa is the largest buddhist temple in Nepal which is also an UNESCO heritage site and it's height is about 36 meters.
  26. Momo is most famous fast food and Dal bhat is the national food in Nepal.
  27. If we rotate the map of Nepal at 90 degrees then looking like the Portugal map.
  28. Nepalese celebrates the New year occasion on 13 April in every year. Cow is the national animal of Nepal.
  29. Nepal is the only one country in the world who worships the alive goddess whose called Kumari.
  30. Saturday is the weekly holiday in Nepal.
  31. The longest duration world record of handshake is 42 hours and 35 minutes which made by two Nepalese.
  32. Chandra Bahadu is the world's shortest person who is a Nepalese and his height is about 54.6 meters.
  33. Indians and Nepalese are allowed to visit India and Nepal without passport.
  34. Nepal's government haven't any military force they depends upon the Indian army so Nepalese could join in Indian army.
  35. Elephant polo championship invented by Nepalese in Meghauli city.
  36. There are more than 750 species of butterflies are found in Nepal.
  37. Nepal is the home of 10 UNESCO world heritage sites out of seven situated in Kathmandu valley and other three are Lumbini, Sagarmatha National Park & Chitwan National Park.
  38. Tilicho Lake is the world's highest lake which situated in Nepal and it situated above 4,919 meters altitude from sea level.
  39. Karnali River is the oldest and largest river in Nepal which is older than Himalaya and it's length is about 1,080 km.