50 Interesting Facts About New Zealand

New Zealand
  1. The official name of New Zealand is "The Republic Of New Zealand" and it situated in Australia continent.
  2. New Zealand derived from Zealand which means Sealand in dutch language.
  3. Abel Tasman was the first European who visited the New Zealand in 1642 then he claimed it as a Dutch territory.
  4. New Zealand is an islands country which made up with two major islands (south Island & north island) and a chain of smaller islands which located in the Oceania region in south pecific ocean.
  5. New Zealand have devides into six provinces, these are Auckland, Otago, Nelson, Wellington, Canterbury and Taranaki.
  6. English language is the official language of New Zealand and other languages are Maori, and New Zealand Sign.
  7. 29% land of New Zealand is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 12% forest land of the world's total forests.
  8. New Zealand's 78,000 km² areas is covered by forests with 33 species of mammals, 200 species of bird, 110 species of reptiles, 60 species of amphibians and 1000 species of fishes.
  9. New Zealand haven't any international land border and it's nearest country is Australia which situated at 1,300 miles far away from New Zealand.
  10. There about 600 islands have situated but only  few islands are inhabited and "south Island" is the largest island of New Zealand.
  11. New Zealand haven't any specific independence day because this country gained freedom from United Kingdom through many small steps rather than all at once till now Queen Elizabeth II is officially head of New Zealand.
  12. Auckland city is the largest city of New Zealand which area is about 1,086 km² and it's population is about 19 lakhs.
  13. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand which area is about 120 km² and it's total population is about 3.58 lakhs.
  14. The total area of New Zealand is about 268,021 km² and it is the 78th largest country in the world after western sahara.
  15. Total population of New Zealand is about 63 lakhs citizens of New Zealand is known as kiwis.
  16. The National flag of New Zealand have one union jack, 4 stars and blue colour. Blue colour represent the surrounded ocean and sky, union jack symbolised to the British rule and the largest star represent the location of the country in South Pacific Ocean and other three stars symbolised to three main islands of the country.
  17. New Zealand Dollar is the official currency of New Zealand and currently One USD equivalent to 1.63 New Zealand Dollar (NZD).
  18. Approximately 3.8 millions tourists are visiting to the New Zealand in every year and tourism sector contributes 15 billion USD to New Zealand's GDP.
  19. The Maori people were the first civilized human in New Zealand and they came from Polynesian region.
  20. The Lord of the Rings, Once were Warriors, The Whale Rider and The Piano are the world's best movies which also shooting in New Zealand.
  21. There have two official national anthems in New Zealand and these are "God Defend New Zealand" and "God Save the Queen".
  22. 6th February is the national holiday in New Zealand in every year when friends and family go to outside for picnic.
  23. Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu is the world's longest place neme which situated in the southern Hawke's Bay in New Zealand.
  24. The yellow-lipped sea krait is the most venomous snakes in New Zealand which found in sea and there haven't any land snake in New Zealand.
  25. New Zealand is the world's fastest country in terms of start up a new business.
  26. Bungee jumping first introduced in New Zealand in 1979 by the "Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club".
  27. There are homosexual marriage has legalized in New Zealand from 2013.
  28. 25th April is the Anzac day in New Zealand and Australia for honour to the sacrificed australian and kiwis soldiers in world war i.
  29. There have approximately 39 millions sheep in New Zealand which about 10 sheep per capita.
  30. The car driving & alcohol drinking age is 15 & 18 in New Zealand and also anyone can drink under 18 aged when they accompanied with his guardian.
  31. Tenzing Norgay was the world's first person who reached at the top of the Mount Everest and he was the New Zealand's mountaineer, explorer, and philanthropist.
  32. New Zealand is the world's second largest wool producer country which is about 220,000 tones in every year.
  33. There haven't any nuclear power station in New Zealand and electricity sector depends on renewable resources such as hydropower, geothermal power and wind energy.
  34. Child proof cap, electric fence and disposable syringes are invented in New Zealand in 19th century.
  35. New Zealand makes 1 billion USD in every year only from exporting of kiwifruit.
  36. New Zealand is the world's first country in term of grant women the right to vote from 1893.
  37. There have a sea beach which name is Ninety Mile Beach situated in North Island in New Zealand but it's actually length is about 88 km.
  38. New Zealand's ex-prostitute "Georgia Bayer" was the world's first transsexual member of any country's parliament in 1999.
  39. New Zealand citizens have the world's highest life expectancy when man's average age is 78 and woman's average age is 82.
  40. Auckland City Sky Tower is the tallest tower in southern hemisphere which height is about 328 meters from street level and it is the 25th tallest tower in the world.
  41. Aoraki is the highest mountain in New Zealand which height is about 3,724 meters from sea level.
  42. Tane Mahuta is the tallest kauri tree in the world situated in North Island, New Zealand which is about 2,500 years old and it's height is about 51.5 meters.
  43. Pohutukawa tree is known as Christmas tree in New Zealand that produce a large number of red flowers in every December month.
  44. There have located 3,200 lakes in New Zealand and Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand which area is about 616 km².
  45. Weta bug is a flightless crickets and it is the heaviest insect species in the world which found only in New Zealand.
  46. Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand and All Black team represent the national team of New Zealand who also won the Rugby world Cup in 1987.
  47. The flightless Kiwi bird is the national bird of New Zealand from 1866.
  48. The Waikato is the largest river in New Zealand which length is about 425 km.
  49. Baron Ernest Rutherford was the first person who split the atom in 1919 and he was a kiwis scientist.
  50. Auckland have the largest number of boats per capita than any other city in the world.