36 Interesting Facts About Norway

  1. Norway have two official names and these are "Norge in Bokmal and Noreg in Nynorsk" and it situated in northern Europe.
  2. Norway name comes from an english word "Norpweg" which means northern way.
  3. Norway gained her independence on 17th May in 1814 from Sweden.
  4. Norwegian and Romani languages are the official language of Norway and other languages are icelandic, dutch, german and english.
  5. 33.1% land of Norway is covered by forests and woodlands which estimated area is about 72,000 km².
  6. Norway is the 3rd happiest country in the world after Finland and Denmark.
  7. Norway is the 6th largrest biodiversity country  in Europe and it placed 45th largest biodiversity country in the world.
  8. There are living 86 species of mammals, 295 species of bird, 9 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians and 900 species of fishes in Norway.
  9. According to the "National Mapping and Resource Information Authority" Norway have 50,000 islands but only 350 islands habitable which have situated in the Atlantic ocean.
  10. "Spitsbergen" island is the largest island in Norway which area is about 37,673 km².
  11. The international border of Norway is meet up with three countries these are Sweden, Russia and Finland and it's total land border length is about 1,568 miles.
  12. Norway has world's 2nd largest coastline after Canada and it's total length is about 58,133 km.
  13. "Oslo" is the largest city and the capital of Norway and it's total area is about 454 km² and it's total population is about 7.1 lakhs.
  14. Norway is the 6th largrest country in Europe and it's total area is about 385,203 km² and it is the 61st largest country in the world.
  15. Total population of Norway is about 56.7 lakhs and citizens of Norway is known as Norwegian.
  16. Approximate 69.9% Norwegian have followed Christians and rest people have followed muslim and other religions.
  17. The National flag of Norway have three colour these are red, blue and white. Red colour represent the blood of freedom fighters while white colour symbolizes snow peaks and blue cross represents Norway's union with Denmark and Sweden.
  18. "Norwegian Krone" is the official currency of Norway and currently One USD equivalent to 10.30 Norwegian Krone.
  19. "Jostedal" is the largest glacier in Europe which situated in western Norway and it's area is about 487 km².
  20. Norway is a volcanic nation there are about more than 100 active volcanoes have situated under the Atlantic Ocean and "Beerenberg" is the largest volcano in Norway which height is about 2,277 meters.
  21. Once in Norway butter price had increased to 50 USD per 250 gram butter in 2011 due to shortage of butter.
  22. It is illegal to ties any dogs in Norway without any reasons.
  23. The "Storting" is the supreme legislature of Norway which situated in Oslo city and it established in 1814 with 169 members by the Constitution of Norway.
  24. "Laerdal Tunnel" is the world's longest road tunnel which connects two cities Oslo and Bergen and it's length is about 24.5 km.
  25. Approximately 99% electricity produced from hydroelectric plants in Norway and "Svartisen" is the largest hydroelectric plants in Norway.
  26. There haven't any death warrant for any kind of crime and the maximum punishment is 21 years jail.
  27. Norwegians can't hide their earnings because tax department have uploaded all tax information on the official website of Norway and anyone can see them.
  28. Norway is known as the "land of the midnight sun" because Sun doesn't set for six months  long in summer.
  29. Norwegians love to read more books than any country's people, approximately every norwegians have spent 100 USD on books purchase in every year.
  30. The dynasty tradition have continued in Norway since 872 AD and currently "Harald V" is king of Norway since 1991.
  31. Norway is the 2nd free education provider country in the world after Germany. There higher educational tuition fees are totally free for Norwegians and also for the international students.
  32. Norwegians government have donated 1 billions USD to Brazil for safe the Amazon forest.
  33. Glomma is the largest river in Norway which length is about 621 km.
  34. "Galdhopiggen" is the highest mountain in Norway which height is about 2,469 meters.
  35. The noble peace prize awards ceremony have programmed in every year in Oslo city since 1901.
  36. "Bouvet Island" is the world's most remote island which situated in south Atlantic Ocean in Norway.