34 Interesting Facts About Philippines

  1. The official name of Philippines is "Republic of the Philippines" and it situated in Asia continent.
  2. Philippines name comes from "King Philip II" of Spain who ruled over Philippines from 1556 to 1598 for 42 years.
  3. Philippines is made up with 81 provinces and seventeen states.
  4. Filipino and English languages are the official language of Philippines and other languages are Tagalog, Chavacano, Pangasinan and Samb.
  5. 28% land of Philippines is covered by forests and woodlands which estimated area is about 5.7 millions hectares.
  6. Philippines is the 4th largrest biodiversity in Asia and it placed 17th largest biodiversity country in the world.
  7. There are living 42 species of mammals, 127 species of bird, 24 species of reptiles, 14 species of amphibians and 1200 species of fishes in Philippines.
  8. According to the "National Mapping and Resource Information Authority" Philippines made up with 7,641 islands which have situated in south china sea and the pacific ocean.
  9. "Luzon Luzon" island is the largest island in philippines which area is about 42,458 miles square.
  10. Philippines is an islands country which marine international border meet with 7 countries and these are China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Palau and Indonesia.
  11. Philippines has world's 5th largest coastline after Canada, Russia, Norway, Indonesia and Greenland and it's total length is about 36,289 km.
  12. Philippines is the world's first country who gained independence after the second World war.
  13. The world’s largest shoes manufactured in Marikina City in Philippines in 2002 and it's estimated cost was 2 millions Philippine peso and it's length is about 17.4 feet, width is about 7.9 feet and height is about 6.6 feet.
  14. Philippines got her independence on 4th July in 1946 from United States and "Manuel Quezon" was the first elected president of Philippines.
  15. "Quezon" is the largest city in Philippines which area is about 166.2 km² and it's population is about 34.6 lakhs.
  16. Manila is the capital of Philippines which area is about 42.88 km² and it's total population is about 19.6 lakhs.
  17. The total area of Philippines is about 300,000 km² and it is the 5th largest island country in the world and also it is the 64th largest country in the world.
  18. Total population of Philippines is about 12.7 crores and people's of Philippines is known as Filipinos.
  19. Approximate 86% Filipinos have followed roman catholic and rest people have followed muslim and other religions.
  20. The National flag of Philippines have three colour these are red, white and blue. Red colour represent the blood of freedom fighters while white colour symbolizes equality and blue colour represent the peace, truth & justice and three stars represent the three big islands of Philippines.
  21. "Philippine peso" is the official currency of Philippines and currently One USD equivalent to 49.95 Philippine peso.
  22. Philippines is also called the country of beautiful girl because there have 2 miss universe, 5 miss international and 1 miss world.
  23. The climates of Philippines is tropical because it situated near the equator so generally it's weather is hot and humidity.
  24. Philippines is the 4th largest prostituted country in the world approximately 4 lakh girls and women involved it.
  25. Philippines is the world's third largest english spoken country after America and Britain.
  26. "Pearl of Lao Tzu" is the world's largest pearl was discovered in Palawan Sea in 1934 which weight is about 6.35 kg and length is 9.5 inches and it's estimated value is about 40 million USD.
  27. Philippines is the world's second largest exporter country of coconut and papaya after Indonesia.
  28. Philippines hold a world record for approximately 3,738 mothers had breastfeed to their babies at one time in one place of Manila city.
  29. There have situated world's three largest shopping malls out of 10 and these malls are SM Megamall, SM city north EDSA and SM Mall of Asia.
  30. There are 53 active volcanoes are situated and "Mayon Volcano" is the largest volcano in philippines which height is about 8,081 feet.
  31. Philippines is situated on between eurasian plate and pecific plate so approximately 20 earthquakes happens in every day.
  32. "Mount Apo" is the highest mountain in philippines which height is about 2,954 meters.
  33. "Rio Grande de Cagayan" is largest river in Philippines which length is about 505 km.
  34. "Palawan and Boracay" is the world's most beautiful sea beach because for its powdery white coloured sand beaches and amazing sunset views.