40 Interesting Facts About Portugal

  1. The official name of Portugal is "The Portuguese Republic" and it located in southwestern Europe.
  2. Portugal name derived from the roman empire's state name Portus Cale which located near the Douro river.
  3. Portugal is the oldest country in Europe which founded in 1143 and it became a member of the European Union in 1986.
  4. Portuguese language is the official language of Portugal and other languages are German, English, French and Spanish.
  5. Portuguese language has the world's 6th largest speakers with 285 millions speakers.
  6. 35% land of Portugal is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 8% forest land of the world's total forests.
  7. Portugal's 3.3 millions hectares areas is covered by forests with 220 species of mammal, 466 species of bird, 53 species of reptiles, 37 species of amphibians and 700 species of fishes.
  8. The international border of Portugal is meet up with one country Spain and it shared 754 miles land border with Spain.
  9. There about 61 islands have located but only 23 islands are inhabited and "Sao Miguel island" is the largest island of Portugal.
  10. Portugal got her independence on 1st December 1640 from Spain.
  11. Lisbon city is the largest and capital city of Portugal which area is about 100 km² and it's population is about 8.4 lakhs.
  12. The total area of Portugal is about 92,912 km² and it is the 109th largest country in the world after Paraguay.
  13. Total population of Portugal is about 76.78 lakhs but 20% population are foreigners and citizens of Portugal is known as Portuguese.
  14. Approximate 81% Portuguese have followed catholic, 7% aren't follow any religion  and rest people have followed other religions such as muslim, Jewish etc.
  15. The National flag of Portugal have two colour these are red and green. Red colour represent the blood of freedom fighters, green colour represent hope for future and there is also a "Portuguese coat of arms" at the centered of the flag.
  16. Euro is the official currency of Portugal and currently One USD equivalent to 0.92 Euro.
  17. Portugal is the world's first country in terms of focus on treatment and medicine quality.
  18. Portugal is the home of 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites & it ranked at world's 17th largest country in terms of UNESCO sites number and approximately 13 millions tourists have visited the Portugal in every year.
  19. Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama discovered sea route to India from Europe in 1498 AD.
  20. Portugal hold the Guinness World records for the Largest Santa Claus Parade where 14,963 Santa Claus have paraded through the streets of Porto city in northern Portugal in 2007.
  21. The Vasco da Gama Bridge is the longest and largest bridge in Europe which situated in Lisbon of Portugal which length is about 12,345 metres and it situated on the Tagus River.
  22. Tagus River is the largest and longest river in Portugal which total length is about 1,007 km and it comes from Spain.
  23. The Ocean Revival Underwater Park is the world's largest artificial underwater park which situated in Portimao of Portugal.
  24. University of Coimbra is the Portugal's oldest university which situated in Lisbon and it established in 13rd century.
  25. Portugal hold a Guinness world record for making of the world's largest Omelette which weight is about 6.466 tones.
  26. The Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1373 was the world's oldest treaty which signed between King Edward III of England and King Ferdinand and Queen Eleanor of Portugal.
  27. Livraria Bertrand book store is the world's oldest book store which situated in Lisbon and it established in 1732.
  28. Electronic toll collection system and mobile prepaid system first used in Portugal since 1991.
  29. Football is the most popular and official sports in Portugal but till now didn't won the FIFA World Cup champion trophy.
  30. According to global peace index Portugal is the world's 3rd most safest country after Iceland and New Zealand.
  31. World's most advanced ATM machine is situated in Portugal where anyone could 60 different activities with that mechine such as mobile recharge, tickets booking, charity, bill payment etc.
  32. There have located more than 300 lakes and Alqueva lake is the largest lake in Portugal which area is about 79.20 km².
  33. Os Lusiadas is the national epic of Portugal since 1776 and "A Portuguesa" is the national anthem of Portugal.
  34. Peri-peri sauce first introduced in Portugal in 15th century and it's ingredients is African bird's eye chilli which exports from Africa.
  35. Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa create the world record for the world's biggest wave surfing with whopping 80 feet tall at Nazare sea beach in Portugal in 2017.
  36. The Madeira island also known as the Temporary Garden of the Atlantic Ocean which is an autonomous region of Portugal.
  37. The world's first documented hot balloon flight operated in 1709 in Lisbon of Portugal.
  38. The Trobadour was the first Portuguese playwright and he also known as the father of Portuguese theater.
  39. Mount Pico is the highest mountain in Portugal which located in pico island and it's height is about 2,351 metres.
  40. Portugal had the world's shortest and longest reigning monarchs where King Henrique ruled over the Portugal for 73 years and King Luis Filipe ruled on Portugal only for 20 minutes.