43 Interesting Facts About Singapore

  1. The official name of Singapore is "The Republic of Singapore" and it situated in south east asia.
  2. Singapore name came from "Singa Pura" which means the lion city in sanskrit language and it made up with 4 states.
  3. Singapore had founded by Malaysia as a city in 1819.
  4. Malay language is the official language of Singapore and other languages are Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, English and tamil.
  5. 27.4% land of Singapore is covered by forests and woodlands which estimated area is about 7,225 km².
  6. There are living 80 species of mammals, 436 species of bird, 110 species of reptiles, 36 species of amphibians and 1,500 species of fishes in Singapore.
  7. Singapore is made up from 64 offshore islands which situated around the main land and these islands have situated in the pecific ocean.
  8. Sentosa is the largest island of Singapore which area is about 4.71 km².
  9. The international border of Singapore is meet up with six countries these are Bangkok, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Malaysia and it's total coastline border length is about 120 miles.
  10. Singapore got her independence on 9th August in 1965 from Malaysia and "Yusof bin Ishak" was the first President of Singapore.
  11. Yishun is the largest city in Singapore which area is about 22 km² and it's population is about 2.4 lakhs.
  12. Pulau Ujong is the capital of Singapore which area is about 710 km² and it's total population is about 5 millions.
  13. The Singapore is the world's 175th largest country and it's total area is about 722 km².
  14. Singapore is the world's 114th largest populous country, it's population is about 5.74 millions and citizens of Singapore is known as Singaporeans.
  15. Approximately 33.5% Singaporeans have followed buddhist, 14% are following muslims, 18% are Christians and rest people have followed hindu, taoist etc.
  16. The National flag of Singapore have two colour these are red and white. Red colour represent the universal brotherhood & equity and white colour symbolizes to  pervading, everlasting purity and virtue.
  17. Singapore dollar is the official currency of Singapore and currently One USD equivalent to 1.48 Singapore dollar (SGD).
  18. Singapore is the only one country who got her independence without any freedom fight.
  19. Chilli crab is the southeast asian seafood dish which originated from Singapore and it is the world's top 7th iconic dish.
  20. Singapore hold a world record for approximately 11,967 people had been dancing together in one line in 2002.
  21. Anyone couldn't built any building more than 280 meters height in Singapore.
  22. Benjamin Henry was the second president of Singapore who invented the artificial vagina.
  23. Singapore is world's 10th most cleanest country because there environmental laws are very strict according to this law if any person spit in public place then he punished for fine of 1,000 USD.
  24. Selling or buying any kinds of chewing gum have been banned in Singapore from 1967.
  25. According to Singapore tourism department 18.5 million unique tourists have visited Singapore in every year.
  26. There have a strict laws for smokers they could not smoke in public places and could not carry cigarettes during travels only they could smokes inside the home.
  27. Pornography and prostitution ban in Singapore if anyone caught during this activity he will go to jail for 6 months.
  28. Approximately 70% Singaporeans born in October month which is a mystery of this country.
  29. Singapore is the most expensive country in the world and it is the home of 44 billionaires.
  30. Zhang Yong is the most richest person in Singapore and his estimated networth is about 14.9 billion USD.
  31. There anyone couldn't use wifi without WiFi's owner permission if anyone do that he will go to jail for 3 years.
  32. Poster, image and magazines stick on the wall is ban in Singapore.
  33. Kallang is the largest river in Singapore which flowing from the Lower Peirce Reservoir to the Kallang Basin and it's length is about 10 km.
  34. Bukit Timah hill is the highest mountain in Singapore which height is about 165 meters.
  35. Singaporeans people are fastest walkers in the world and their average walking speed is about 6.15 km per hour.
  36. Singapore government had bought billions cubic feet sand from Cambodian government because Cambodia need money and Singapore need land.
  37. Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim is the national flower of Singapore because of it's "resilience and year-round blooming quality" which discovered in 1893.
  38. Jurong Birds Park, Merlion Park, Reptiles Park, Zoological Garden, Science Center Sentosa Island, Parliament House, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Buddhist Temples and Japanese Gardens are the major tourist destination in Singapore.
  39. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore have more floral species than the North America.
  40. Singapore have changed her time zones for 6 times from 1905 and currently it's time zone is GMT+8.
  41. The Tanjong Pagar Centre is the tallest building in Singapore it has a special permission for exceed the height than the usual building height restrictions and it's height is about 290 meters.
  42. Anyone can find the Singapore's national anthem which have written behind the Singapore dollar.
  43. There have the world's tallest indoor waterfalls which situated in the new Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore and it's height is about 35 meters.