50 Interesting Facts About Spain

  1. The official name of Spain is "Kingdom of Spain" and it situated in Europe continent.
  2. Spain is made up with 41 provinces and 2 territories.
  3. Spain name derived from the Espana which means lands of rabbits but some people believe that it's name came from i-spn-ya which means place where metals are forged.
  4. Spain was the world's richest and most powerful country in 16th century and it became a member of the European Union in 1985.
  5. Spanish language is the official language of Spain and other languages are English, French German and Italian.
  6. Spanish language is the world's 3rd most spoken language after Chinese Mandarin and Hindi.
  7. 36.4% land of Spain is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 8% forest land of the world's total forests.
  8. Spain have the largest biodiversity in Europe and it placed 27th ranked in the world.
  9. Spain's 18 millions hectares areas is covered by forests with 115 species of mammal, 500 species of bird, 45 species of reptile, 41 species of amphibian and 870 species of fish.
  10. The international border of Spain is meet up with five countries and these are Morocco, Andorra, France, Portugal and Gibraltar.
  11. Andorra's international border is world's most oldest border which lies between France and Spain which was fixed in 1278.
  12. There about 164 islands have situated but more than 100 islands are inhabited and "Majorca Island" is the largest island of Spain.
  13. Spain haven't any independence day and it founded in 1100 BC by Phoenicians people.
  14. Madrid city is the largest and capital city of Spain which area is about 604.3 km² and it's population is about 69 lakhs.
  15. The total area of Spain is about 505,990 km² and it is the fourth largest country in the Europe after Russia, Ukraine and France.
  16. Total population of Spain is about 4.85 crores but 13% population are foreigners and citizens of Spain is known as Spaniards.
  17. Approximate 68% Spaniards have followed Roman Catholic, 11% are following atheist  and rest people have followed other religions such as agnostic, muslim etc.
  18. The National flag of Spain have two colour these are red, yellow and a national symbol. Red and yellow colours represent the kingdom of Aragon, the red castle represents the Kingdom of Castile, the red lion symbolise the Kingdom of Leon and the golden chain link symbolise the kingdom of Navarre.
  19. Euro is the official currency of Spain and currently One USD equivalent to 0.92 euro.
  20. Spain is the second largest mountainous European country after Switzerland.
  21. Football is the most popular and official sports in Spain and till now Spain won the FIFA World Cup champion trophy at once in 2010.
  22. Bullfighting is also a popular sport in Spain due to it's colorful decoration of whole Spain's street which celebrates in July in every year and also Bull is the national animal of Spain.
  23. La Tomatina Tomato Fight is the world's largest food fight which takes place on the last Wednesday in August month in every year in Bunol city of Spain.
  24. Spaniards have used gestures instead of words for example when anyone needs pincer he showed the left elbow touch with right elbow.
  25. The quill pen first introduced in Seville city of Spain in 600 AD.
  26. Spain was the first European country to ban on smoking in the workplace.
  27. Portal de lAngel road is the world's high rates of walking and cycling road which situated in Barcelona city of Spain where more than 3,500 people have walked here in every hour.
  28. Siesta (sleep in the afternoon) tradition first started in Spain in 190 AD.
  29. Spain has the largest number of bars in Europe approximately 350,000 bars in whole country.
  30. Spain has the highest unemployment rate in Europe which is 50% of total population but country's literacy rate is more than 98%.
  31. Spain is the fourth country in the world to legalized the homosexual marriage in 2005 after the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada.
  32. The Marcha Real is the official anthem of Spain which haven't any lyrics.
  33. The tower of Hercules is the world's oldest lighthouse which still standing on northern Atlantic coast of Spain and it built in 100 AD.
  34. Spain is the world's largest olive oil producer country approximately 1.75 million tons olive oil produced in every year.
  35. Alfonso XIII was the world's youngest king, he became king after his birth in 1902 and he taken full responsibility of Spain at 16 years old.
  36. The Eiffel tower originally first constructed in Spain but due to some political issues this project rejected and then it was built in Paris.
  37. Spain was a powerfull country during first and second World war but officially it didn't participate in any World war.
  38. There has located more than 500 lakes in Spain and Sanabria Lake is the largest lake in Spain which area is about 3.48 km².
  39. Spaniards believes that to eat the 12 grapes at 12 o'clock at new year night which is a lucky and prosperous sign.
  40. Spaniards government has a rule for naming of surname of new born baby first surname come from father's name and second one comes from mother's name.
  41. It is illegal in Spain to named a child as Judas, Cain or Mandarina because these are fruits names.
  42. Approximately 700 Spaniards people have the "japon" nickname in Coria del Rio city in Spain.
  43. Spain has a royalty tradition like Sweden & United Kingdom and currently King Felipe VI is the officially head of Spain.
  44. The royal family of Spain lives in Zarzuela Palace in Madrid although their official home is the Royal Palace of Madrid.
  45. Discredit to the royal family is illegal in Spain if anyone do such types of activities then he will go to jail for 2 years.
  46. Ebro river is the longest and largest river in Spain which length is about 578 miles.
  47. Ceuta and Melilla are only two European cities which situated in mainland of Africa and these two cities controlled by Spain.
  48. Botin Restaurant is the world's oldest restaurant with till working which located in Barcelona city in Spain and it built in 1725.
  49. There located total 11 volcanoes with 3 volcanoes are till active and "La Palma" volcano was last erupted in 1971.
  50. Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain which also was a volcano and it's height is about 3,718 metres.