40 Interesting Facts About Taiwan

  1. The official name of Taiwan is "the Republic of Taiwan" and it located in north Asia.
  2. Taiwan's main island discovered by  Portuguese in 1590 and which named was "Ilha Formosa".
  3. Taiwan name derived from taian and tayoan which means beautiful island in Chinese language.
  4. Taiwan is an islands group country which located in Pacific Ocean and it first owned by Dutch but after 1683 it owned by Qing Dynasty.
  5. Mandarin Chinese language is the official language of Taiwan and other languages are english, Minnan, Hoklo and Hokkien.
  6. 52% land of Taiwan is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 4% forest land of the world's total forests.
  7. Taiwan's 1.5 millions hectares areas is covered by forests with 122 species of mammal, 684 species of bird, 95 species of reptile, 37 species of amphibian and 3,115 species of fishes.
  8. Taiwan is also known as the butterfly kingdom due to presence of more than 400 species of butterfly in Taiwan.
  9. Taiwan haven't any international land border and it's nearest country is China which situated at 180 km away from Taiwan.
  10. There about 166 islands have situated but most of islands are inhabited and "Taiwan Main Island" is the largest island of Taiwan.
  11. Taiwan got her independence on 1st January 1912 from China but still now Taiwan is controlled by people's republic of China.
  12. Chiang Kai-shek was the first president of Taiwan who elected in 1947 but after 1960 president post suspended by Chinese government.
  13. Kaohsiung city is the largest city of Taiwan which area is about 1,139 miles² and it's population is about 2 millions.
  14. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan which area is about 272 km² and it's total population is about 28 lakhs.
  15. The total area of Taiwan is about 36,193 km² and it is the 134th largest country in the world.
  16. If anyone travel with a car he will travel the whole Taiwan's coastline border only in 8 hours.
  17. Total population of Taiwan is about 2.76 crores but 73% population are foreigners and citizens of Taiwan is known as Taiwanese.
  18. The National flag of Taiwan have three colour these are blue, red and white. Red colour represent the fraternity, nationalism & sacrifice, white coloured disc with 12 triangles represent the Sun & equality and blue colour represent the surrounding ocean around the country.
  19. New Taiwan dollar is the official currency of Taiwan and currently One USD equivalent to 30 New Taiwan dollar (NT$).
  20. There are 13 active volcanoes have situated in Taiwan and "Chihsingshan Volcano" is the largest volcano in Taiwan which height is about 1,120 metres.
  21. Taiwan is situated on the edge of Eurasian and Philippine Sea plate which also known as the "ring of fire" so approximately 25 major and 900 minor earthquakes happens in every year.
  22. Approximate 35% Taiwanese have followed Buddhism, 33% are following Taoism, 4% are following Yiguandao and rest people have followed other religions such as Christian, muslim, Protestantism etc.
  23. The National Palace Museum is the world's largest Chinese art collection's museum which situated in Taipei City in Taiwan, where preserves more than 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks.
  24. Snake Alley is a special market in Taipei city where snake blood, deer penis wine, turtle blood and meat are selling in every evening.
  25. There about 106 lakes have situated and "Sun Moon Lake" is the largest lake of Taiwan.
  26. Tainan city was the oldest and former capital city of Taiwan from 1683 to 1887.
  27. Taiwanese believe that number 4 is Inauspicious so there haven't 4th floor in any buildings.
  28. Taiwanese are very responsible and they give at least 70 hours per week to their jobs or business.
  29. In this country you will not find garbage cans on the streets, rather they are kept inside the house or shop.
  30. It rains almost in every afternoon during the summer season in Taiwan due to small distance from equator line.
  31. Taiwan is one of the world's most air polluted country per capita where carbon emissions amount is about 398 million tonnes in every year.
  32. According to the world's hapiness index Taiwan is the world's 35th most happiest country.
  33. Yuwengdao Lighthouse is the Taiwan's oldest lighthouse which situated in Waian Village and it's construction completed in 1778.
  34. There have situated the world's only one modern toilet themed restaurant in Taipei City in Taiwan.
  35. Zhuoshui river is the longest and largest river of Taiwan which length is about 116 miles.
  36. Jade Mountain is the highest mountain in Taiwan which height is about 3,952 metres.
  37. The February 28 in 1947 incident was the most tragic event in Taiwan history because on that day "people's republic of China's" supporter KMT party killed over 10,000 rebels taiwanese.
  38. 'Plum Blossom' is the national flower, 'Formosan rock macaque' is the national animal and 'Taiwan blue magpie' is the national bird of Taiwan.
  39. According to taiwanese culture white colour considered as a symbol of death and red colour considered as the stroke of luck.
  40. Instant noodles, Connect6 game, Mongolian barbecue fried dish, woodball sport and bubble milk tea discovered in Taiwan in 19th century.