A Large Asteroid Could Impact The Earth Before Day Of US Presidential Election 2020

NASA scientists have discovered an large asteroid in 2018 and also they confirmed that asteroid could hit the earth ground one day before the US presidential elections. US presidential elections 2020 held on 3rd November and scientists predicts that asteroid could impact with earth on 2nd November in 2020.

asteroid impact before US presidential election 2020

Recently a car sized asteroid 2020 QG passed close to the Earth on 16th August in 2020 which is the closest fly of any large asteroid. It just passed the earth without hitting our planet. The speed of this asteroid is about 8 miles per second and it's sized was about 15 feet. 2020 QG is discover by two IIT Bombay's students Kunal Deshmuk and Kritti Sharma.

At first 2018VP1 asteroid discovered in Palomar Observatory, California in 2018 by the NASA's Near Earth Object's software. The 2018VP1 asteroid's data released by the NASA space agency and they confirmed that asteroid could affect the three potential impacts on Earth.

2018VP1 asteroid

National Aeronautics and Space Administration have named this asteroid as 2018VP1. The 2018VP1's diameter is 6.5 feet and it's diameter is about 0.002 km. According to NASA scientists it has only 0.41% chance to hit the earth. This prediction based on the data of 21 observations which spanning 12.968 days and it's hitting chance is less than 1%.

According to the Center for Near Earth Objects Studies  (CNEOS) at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2018VP1 asteroid's could be collide on 2nd November before day of US presidential election. NASA's Near Earth Object's software detects the flying rock which comes towards the earth with orbiting the Sun but it far away from earth is about 10 millions kilometers and it's hitting chance is impossible.