Ancient Mars Covered In Glacier Sheets With Underground Flowing Rivers

Ancient mars covered in ice sheet

UBC (Western and University of British Columbia) researchers team said that ancient Mars once covered with large ice sheets beacause they discover hundreds of river valley network on mars. UBC researchers suggests that once large number of river networks was sutuated on Martain surface but that rivers are not opened they flowed under glacier plane.

If you look at the Earth through space telescope or satellite you could see a lot of valleys in earh surface some of them made by rivers, glaciers and other processes. Similarly happened with Mars so UBC researchers predicts once there had water on Mars.

Proffesor Gordon Osinski of Western and University of British Columbia said that Our study have a big challenge to find oit the actual reason of valley networks on Martain which could created by rivers, glaciers or land sliding.

River network on mars

The first river valley discovered on mars in 1980 and till now more than hundreds river valley discovered on Martain surface and recently UBC researchers discovered a river network by using of novel algorithm to infer their underlying erosion processes and they found a similar river network on Devon Island in Arctic region.

These hypotheises are explained by Grau Galofre’s theory, where he said that the valleys would have formed 3.8 billion years ago on Mars when sun is far away from Mars. Climate modelling scientists claimed that ancient Mars's climate was much cooler during the river valley network formation and the sheet of glacier protects the water from sun rediations and also from the low magnetic field of Mars.

Although this reasearch mainly focus on geoscience of ancient Mars but we could study the geoscience of earth by using of novel algorithm which developed for Mars.