Android 11's Best 6 Features Explained And Which Devices Will Get It

Google's developers are announced that latest Android 11 update will come in September, 2020 and beta version of Android 11 will release in August with more flexibility features and this update concern on the privacy policies of third party applications. Android Beta version install permission is only for the Google pixel devices like Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4 and 4a.

According to the StatCounter's data over world that showing more than 25% of devices have adopted Android 10. So it is the best time for launch the Android 11.

Android 11 Update

Here’s a list of best features of Android 11.

Screen Recording Feature
According to Android Authority Android 11 will come with a native screen recording feature where this feature already in Apple . It also support the audio recording along the screen video recording. Screen recording will able to record your display without download any third party application.

Pocket Feature
Android 11 phones will become a remote control for large numbers of devices where you could control any smart light, smart lock, smart tv and other home appliances. This pocket feature is more valuable for those persons who have any smart home setup.

Bubbles Feature
The Android 11 introduces a familiar with bubbles features like Facebook Messenger where if there comes any message then messanger app icon will pop up on any application. Android 11's Bubbles features making it easier to use any application without switching other application and anyone could used the multiple applications at a time. Bubbles features can keep across your DMs and messages and you could enable or disable this feature in your Android device for specific application.

Third Party Permission Feature
Another major changes happen in Android 11 which will focus on privacy permissions for third party applications. Where Android 10 already allowed the choose the allowing an app to access all information about the device such as location, microphone, contact, camera, storage etc but in Android 11 update will restricted these information for third parties applications.

Mute Feature
The Android 11 introduces an another amazing feature that could help the video recording. Notification mute features able to mute device during the video recording. Generally this feature also have in android 10 named as DND (Do Not Disturb) and in Android 11 it developed into video recording.

Notification Recycle Feature
Android 11 have notification recycle feature where to backup any swiped notifications because in sometimes we will half read these notifications and instantly regret it. Notification recycle features used like Recycle Bin where Android 11 keeps the recent swiped notifications and user could easily access the swiped notifications.