Mr. White Reveals The Design Of iPhone 12 Large Notch Display

iPhone 12 first look

We get a rumour the design about the New iPhone 12 that's display design have revealed and it looks like the same notch of recent iPhones. This leaked image has revealed by a Twitter user Mr. White, recently who has revealed the iPhone hardware A14 Bionic processor.

Mr. White also confirms the Face ID hardware will be the same size as like previous models. The large notch was first introduced with the iPhone X in 2017 then it copied by others companies but customers didn't like this design so every company has removed but till now iphone 11 also launched with large notch display and it continued.

After iPhone 11 launched Apple promise that future iPhone will be coming without notch display but it's going to disappointed to those people who excited with bezel-less look of latest iPhone. Main reasons of iPhone's notch is all about the Face recognition system which gives secure face unlocking feature.

iPhone 12 leaked

iPhone 12's design and components are revealing that means Apple started the mass production of iPhone 12 and now currently Apple reseller "JinStore" has tweeted an image of A14 chipset which is the most advanced processor using in smartphone. A14 chipset is a multi generational tasks performers and also it will be Apple’s first 5 nanometre chipset.  A14 chipset have the higher power efficiency than other smartphone processor and it needs less energy for performing so iPhone 12 will be coming with smaller battery than previous iPhones. Apple used A13 chipset iPhone 11 and now A14 chipset will be using in iPhone 12.

Mr. White also recently revealed the new iPhone 12 prices will be increase while also shrinking the battery capacities, with the same large notch, 5.4-inch display and with 5G technology.

Apple notch display means that samsung new galaxy Note 20 and Ultra will flabelliferra the new iPhone 12.