A Broken Cable Has Damaged 100 Feet Area On The Arecibo Observatory In Puerto Rico

World's second largest single dish radio telescope Arecibo observatory has damaged by a broken cable wire on 10th August. Arecibo observatory is situated in Puerto Rico and it's reflector dish area is about 20 acres. After this accident it's 100 feet area is fully damaged and create large hole.

Arecibo observatory damaged by broken cable

The Arecibo Observatory is a single dish radio telescope and now it operated by University of Central Florida (UCF). This observatory constructed in 1960 in Arecibo city with 3,800 aluminium panels and it located over 118 acres. Till 2016 it was the world's largest single dish radio observatory before completd the China Sky Eye in China.

In 2017 due to hurricane storm 430 megahertz line breakdown and fall onto the primary dish and it damaged 30 aluminum panels. Now in 2020 due to strong tropical storm Hurricane Isaias broken the 76 mm thick cable and create a large hole. This thick cable support to the Gregorian Dome for hanging on the Arecibo observatory.

Arecibo observatory

Astronomers use this observatory to study the asteroids movement and search for the extraterrestrial life. 4769 Castalia is the world's first imaged asteroid which taken by Arecibo observatory in 1989. World's most powerful broadcast signal has sent to space in 1974 by it. The Arecibo observatory detected the first fast radio bursts from unknown region of space.

NASA has found a large asteroid coming towards the earth which size is equivalent of 5 football ground by this Arecibo observatory. After many calculation scientists have confirmed that asteroid could impact with our planet 1 in 70,000 chance in between 2086 and 2101.

The director of the Arecibo observatory Francisco Cordova said that "Our focus is the facilities and restoring the observatory as soon as possible".