Epic Game Held The Free Fortnite Cup Event Prizes Are Parody Of Apple’s Logo For 20,000 Global Players

Last week Apple and Android have removed the Fortnite game from the Apple app store and play store because Epic game using direct payment method in his game which is a violent activities according to the policy of Apple and Google app store. Google and Apple blocked all Epic game from app store on 13th August in 2020.

FreeFortnite Cup Event

According to the Apple and Google app store policy any application couldn't use direct payment method from user they need to used it through the Apple app store where Apple charged 30% from every purchase. When Apple acknowledge that kind of issues with Epic game then Apple blocked Fortnite game then Epic game filled a lawsuit against Apple for unfair and potentially anticompetitive policy.

The FreeFortnite Cup will celebrate on 23rd April in 2020 where champion prize is Tart Tycoon character which is parody of Apple’s 1984 advertisement and top 20,000 players will get a real freefortnite hat it's design inspired from Apple's logo. Apple users couldn't download this game from third party sources while Android users could download from third party websites and also play it.

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FreeFortnite Cup Prizes

Fortnite players of iOS devices will left the game at chapter 2 season 3 while everyone gets the chapter 2 season 4. Fortnite chapter 2 season 4  will be launch on 27th August in 2020 but unfortunately ios players couldn't access the latest series of Fortnite while every platform's players will enjoy it which includes PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android etc.

The digital media trade association written a letter to the CEO of Apple. Digital media trade association including publishers are The New York Times, The Washington Post, Vox Media, The Verge. Digital media trade association's letter appeal to Apple CEO Tim Cook for a deal in between Epic game and Apple like Amazon prime video agreement between Amazon and Apple.