NASA Planned Human Home On Lunar And Martian Surface Inside The Lava Tube

Lava tubes could be habitable zone on martin and lunar surface. The temperature vary is too much on moon and mars in day to night period but a lava tube's temperature remain same in all time. The evidences of lava tubes also found on lunar and martain surface which are laying under the ground as linear cavities chains.

Lava Tube

The lava tube is a natural tunnel at depth of world which formed by flow of molten rock during the volcanic eruption. Scientists have discovered that lava tubes on lunar surface in 1960 and recently researchers have found the same lava tubes in Martain surface. According to topographic studies these lava tubes are so large which height is more than Burj Khalifa's height and they could transform the Mars and Moon into habitable medium.

Scientists have found Lava tubes on earth in June 2010 near Pavonis Mons which is 190×160 metres wide. Similarly researchers found 100 and 1,000 times wider lava tubes on Mars and Moon surface. The Kazumura Cave is the earth's largest lava tubes which is 40 miles long and 1.12 meters height located in Hawaii. According to study of topographic system Martian and Lunar's Lava tube are similar with earth's lava tube.

Lunar Lava Tube

Lava tubes make a habitable medium in Mars and Martain for a number of reasons which includings these lava tubes provides a stable shields from cosmic ray, deadly solar radiation, extreme temperature vary  from day to night and meteorites impact. So, researchers are planned to making of human base inside the Lava tubes which is much better than surface base.

Immediate challenge is gathering of more information about the lava tubes on the moon and mars from satellite images then make a detailed plan for construction of outer space base. Mars core is more hotter than moon so the moon's lava tubes are better because less hotter core is stable for Lava tubes. "Lunar lava tube" is one of the large lava tube which formed during basaltic lava flows in moon.