Microsoft's New Cheaper Xbox Series S Console Launch Confirms By Controller Packaging

Microsoft will launch their next-generation Xbox console in August. The new Xbox console is named as Xbox Series S which is cheaper than previous Xbox console Xbox X series. This rumour is genuine because the leaked image and video share by a Twitter user which shows the controller package of Xbox Series S console and you could easily see the "Xbox Series X/S" printed on the controller package.

microsoft xbox s series

Till now Microsoft company has not officially revealed the Xbox Series S even though company not confirmed the new controller but a twitter user "Zak S" purchased the controller and also shares the new controller's image and video.

Microsoft's new Xbox Series S is the second cheapest next-generation Xbox. Xbox Series X console's codenamed is “Dante” which also allows to game developers to enable the Lockhart. Xbox Series S console's codenamed is Lockhart.

The Xbox Series S console (Lockhart) features is 7.5GB of usable RAM with 4 teraflops of GPU and 7 nm AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight cores which running at a nominal 3.8 GHz. Xbox Series S controller includes a pair of AA batteries and subscriptions plans are free for one month only for Xbox live and Xbox game pass.

microsoft xbox s series controller

Microsoft's previous Xbox Series X launched with only black colour but Xbox Series S will launch with two colour variants white and black which is a good news for Xbox lovers but AA batteries alongside the controller is a disappoint news for them. Because while Sony Ps5's controller's internal batteries recharged by plugging but Xbox's batteries recharged separately from controller.

Twitter user "Zak S" purchases the new controller's black colour variants on 10th August and he said that the controller feels good. Xbox Series X is available at $649 USD and Xbox Series S available at $130 USD.