Microsoft Reveals The New Xbox Series X UI For All Consoles, PC And Smartphones

The Microsoft reveals the latest Xbox Series X’s user interface on 19th August while the Xbox Series X will be released in November 2020. Microsoft has finally revealed the preview of Xbox Series X UI on Wednesday. This official reveal gifts for the Xbox fans who's are very excited for its first look.

Xbox Series X UI

The new Xbox Series X UI is designed provide a cohesive experience for every devices players which includes Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X and Laptops. Xbox Series X UI provides a cohesive performance for Android device via cloud gaming program. The latest Xbox Series X UI is familiar to Xbox one.

Xbox Series X square shaped icons are still provides a large image and also it represent the most of the navigation to different menus with a faster and focused design. According to Microsoft's developers everything has been well navigate like when launching a games then it navigating to social tabs and browsing for new games.

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Xbox Series X User interface

The new user interface of Xbox Series X is designed by following the social chat in a single tab to communication with players that will help to players to connecting with each other wherever they are playing. Microsoft says that the home screen will load 50% faster when booting up the system and 30% faster when returning from a game.

According to Microsoft this new Xbox Series X will start to roll out in November, 2020 just at $499 USD and when the Xbox Series X will launch then the Microsoft Store UI should be redesigned.