NASA Captures a Car Sized Asteroid Passed Over Pacific Ocean Without Hit The Earth

A car sized asteroid passed close to the Earth on 16th August in 2020 which is the closest fly of any large asteroid. It just passed the earth without hitting our planet. The speed of this asteroid is about 8 miles per second and it's sized was about 15 feet. NASA said that this tiny asteroid just passed over the Pacific Ocean at 1800 miles height from the sea water level.

2020 Qg asteroid

According to the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center the 2020 QG flew over the Pacific Ocean in East Australia. 2020 QG passed away at 27,600 mph and it's length is about 10-20 feet and it's width is about 3-6 meter.

NASA’s scientists didn’t detect the asteroid until it was already meet to the outbound trajectory line because the near earth asteroids are difficult to identify on the telescope. This asteroid's initial named was ZTF0DxQ and then renamed into 2020 QG. 2020 QG is just passed at 2,950 km far away from the earth and after this incident 2020 QG become the closest asteroid which didn't hit the earth.

2020 Qg closest asteroid without hit

2020 QG was first discovered before six hours at 12:08 a.m. EDT. 2020 QG first captured by the Zwicky Transient Facility telescope which situated in Caltech’s Palomar observatory in California. Zwicky Transient Facility is a wide field sky astronomical survey which using a wide camera.

The tiny 2020 QG asteroid passed the earth safely it isn't a serious threat to Earth environment but if it is large in size then it could destroy the earth so NASA will be always concern about it and always detects the asteroid as soon as possible.