NASA Confirm Leak Source On International Space Station (ISS) Ivan Vagner Move To Russian Zvezda Service Module

NASA found a source of a very small leak in international space station due to this leakage ISS release more air rapidly generally international space station is never air tight but in that time ISS release little bit of air which is not threat for inside life. US space agency NASA and Russian space agency ROSCOSMOS are starting to repair the small leak source on International Space Station.

International Space Station (ISS)

NASA said that small leak source is not a threat for crew members and currently three crew members are staying inside international space station but they staying in the Russian segment of the International space station and NASA try to isolate the leak segment of ISS. Currently there crew members are NASA's astronaut Chris Cassidy and ROSCOSMOS's astronauts Ivan Vagner and Anatoly Ivanishin.

NASA first noticed that small leak on the ISS in September 2019. ISS never been a air tight lab, it always release the little bit air but at that time it's air release rate is higher than before. NASA hasn’t much time to investigate the source of leak in ISS due to NASA's busy schedule for 2020 which includes space walk and splash down of spaceX crew dragon and many more.

Chris Cassidy, Ivan Vagner and Anatoly Ivanishin

Currently Three people moving around the Earth on the International Space Station. NASA is going into sleuthing mode to find the source of leak and crew members are spend their weekend in Russian segment Zvezda service module. Inside air controlled the ISS internal pressure but it doesn't affect by this small leak.

International Space Station's first module sent to space in 1998 and first leak source found by astronaut Michael Foale in November 2004. This first leak found on the main window where the hose connected with a steel harness at the edge of window. Then second leak source found in 2007 and it also repaired at that time.