Shroud And Ninja Returns To Amazon Live Streaming Twitch With 4.7 Million Viewers After Move From Mixer

In 2019 October Michael Shroud Grzesiek has announced that he would left the Twitch platform and move to Mixer platform. Then after few months similarly Ninja also did same moved to Mixer platform.


Michael Shroud Grzesiek is one of the most popular Canadian live streamers in the globe. After Microsoft shut down their live streaming Mixer platform then Amazon live streaming platform Twitch invites active viewers and streamers of Mixer to comeback the Twitch platform.

On 8th August Shroud tweeted that he will returns to Twitch which is an live streaming platform owned by Amazon, with his original massive viewers and finally he gone live on Twitch on 11th August.

His Twitch has been live and his concurrent numbers increase to 400,000. Shroud was able to retain his original Twitch account and currently his subscribrs is about 7 4 million. Shroud moved on to CS:GO such as the previously mentioned popular game Valorant developed by the Riot games developers .

Amazon live stream Twitch

Shroud says that his lateness was due to technical difficulties of platform but he says that live stream's bit rate is 720p and audio issues also remain capped. Currently Shroud streaming the Riot’s new game tactical shooter Valorant where he attracts about 475,000 active viewers to Valorant and currently Shroud surpassed 80% viewership of Valorant game and till now it is the most viewed Twitch live stream.

Tyler Ninja Blevins will also do same like shroud, Ninja had signed a deal with Microsoft's Mixer so after shut down this platform Microsoft paid him about $10 million USD for his brief time on Mixer. Then Ninja spent more than a month away from live streaming and yesterday he announced that he will come back to the Twitch platform.