SpaceX launches 57 More Starlink Satellites From Kennedy Space Center

Today early morning Elon Musk's SpaceX launches more satellites for Starlink projects from Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center. Actually this launch will happen in june but for some technical issue and bad weather it done on 7th August at 10:12 p.m. pecific time.

SpaceX launches 57 Starlink Satellites

This launch is SpaceX's 10th starlink satelites mission since 2019. This launch done by reusable Falcon 9 rocket which carries 57 internet beaming satellites and 2 blacksky Global Earth observtion satelites frim Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center at 10:12 p.m. pecific time and Falcon 9 fall back in atlantic ocean.

Till now SpaceX company launches 595 starlink satellites and possess at lower orbit of earth. SpaceX's CEO Elon Musk said that SpaceX needs more than 800 starlink satellites in earth orbit to start the beta test of starlink satellites project and he said that starlink satellites will help to astronomers for keep watch the unidentified flying objects.

SpaceX launches 2 blacksky for decrease the reflections of starlink satellites in night sky. This blacksky will help to satellites for less brightness appear in the dark sky as possible in the night sky because when SpaceX launches their first starlink satellite then astronomy community have complained against him from around the world for brighter reflection in night sky. After improving their stallites reflection they got approval from the US Federal Communications Commission in 2020.

Falcon 9 come back

The Falcon 9 successfully launches the starlink satellites and after 8 minutes it separates from satelites and landed on Atlantic ocean then SpaceX's floating team has collects it. This reusable Falcon 9 brings to Port Canaveral, Florida for refuel these boosters and use again in another launch.

This week is great time for SpaceX because on sunday NASA's crew dragon splash down in Gulf of Mexico from the ISS and on wednesday launched SN5 Starship prototype "hop" to a height of around 500 feet at Boca Chica in South Texas.