Amazon Just Unveils New Gadgets At Their Latest Hardware Event

Amazon unveils new home gadgets in Amazon's latest hardware event on 24th September. Amazon launch new amazon cloud gaming service, new echo speakers, fire TV media player,  flying home security drone and ring car alarm for car security.

Amazon Just Unveils New Home Gadgets At Latest Event

Amazon launched a cloud gaming service that named Amazon Luna which could runs in PC, Fire TV and iOS. Amazon cloud gaming service price start at $6 USD per month. Luna has a custom controller available at $50 USD that connects with cloud instead of local device.

Amazon's Echo speakers are improving with a new low-power consumption mode and energy dashboard integrated with the Alexa. It redesigned with a new spherical shape and it's price starts from $100 USD and available from 22nd October.

Amazon unveils a new fire TV stick with 4K quality. Fire TV stick is getting more improvement in it's video quality, sound quality and volume control. It becomes powerful than before with a faster interface with 1080p HDR. Fire TV stick 4K is available at $50 USD.

Amazon unveils a new flying security camera which named "Always Home Cam". Always Home Cam will always fly inside home on selected areas. Always Home Cam available at $249 USD.

Amazon unveils a new car camera and a car alarm. A camera us fitted inside the car alarm and it's named as ring car connect which available at $200 USD. Amazon said "its car alarm can sync with its Ring security system and is able to trigger cameras and sirens. Its Ring devices will be encrypted".