How Long Time Need For Super Mario Sunshine To Complete

Super Mario Sunshine are released on 18th September and it available on physically and digital e-shop for a limited time. Super Mario Sunshine will available with the music and songs from all three latest Super Mario games. The Super Mario Sunshine games support the Joy-Con controls with rumble function and with the higher resolutions and it playing at 16:9 aspect ratio. Joy-Con controls support the motion control of the Wii Remote.

How Long Super Mario Sunshine Takes to Beat

Super Mario Sunshine will take longer time than others super Mario games to complete it. Super Mario Sunshine takes about 17 hours to complete it but that also depends on player on how they play.

If any player want to collect all sprite and blue coins with 100% beat the Super Mario Sunshine then it taken about double time from normal player. It can take about more than 30 hours but it also totally depends on player experience.

There are 120 Shine Sprites in Super Mario Sunshine with a little bonus award for those who collects all shine sprites. If any player want to collect all shine sprites they could easily collect them otherwise if anyone complete the game without collect any shine sprites they get only 50 stars.