OnePlus Have Criticized By Fans For New OxygenOS 11 UI Update

OnePlus unveiled the new OxygenOS 11 with same user interface design with few cosmetic changes and additional features. In official forum OnePlus explain why OxygenOS 11 is moving from the stock android and how those features will benefitial for user.

OnePlus OxygenOS 11 UI

The new OxygenOS 11 will launch alongside with the Android 11 but who have caught the new OxygenOS 11 with the DP3 version they become nervous and anger on OnePlus. OnePlus officially explains that stock Android is a good starting point for smartphones but we can improve to it's experience into even better.

OxygenOS 11 increasing the screen size with using the empty space around the bar and will improvements in one handed efficiency because stock android is not much good for one handed efficiency. OnePlus conducted an A/B testing with users to determine the best size of the headline and they found that 65% of users like slightly smaller headlines while 80% of users tested preferred titles with subtitles rather than without. The results of survey will reflect in OxygenOS 11 update.

OnePlus writes on official forum that " As screens increase in size so does the unused white space. We wanted to introduce a new headline body hierarchy that streamlines information delivery in OxygenOS 11. Another example is the contacts interface but it happen after asking to the users which kind of layout they preferred we changed the line tab navigation to bottom navigation. Now users can more intuitively switch to other menus in Contacts with just a glimpse at the icons".

According to the android users survey, people generally hold their phones at the bottom of the display so OnePlus adding a quick share button with the camera app at the bottom portion.

Oneplus OxygenOS 11 one handed efficiency

OnePlus writes on the official forum that "We also wanted to add even more features to make one handed use quicker and easier and we hope it helps you better understand some of new look and feel as well as some of the functionality that improves the user experience".

OnePlus fans are not happy with the new changes in OxygenOS 11 so after releasing the official forum OnePlus company faced criticism for social sharing tabs at the bottom portion of display.