US People Accidentally Pre-orders Xbox One X Instead Of Xbox Series X On Amazon

After many more rumours Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Series X launch on 10th November just at $499 USD and it's pre-orders have started on 22nd September.

Us People mistakenly Pre-orders Xbox Series X On Amazon

Today after starting of pre-orders of Xbox Series X mistakenly Amazon select the day of the banner for the Xbox One X instead of Xbox Series X. Due to this fault of Amazon the Xbox one X sales rank is going upto 747% increased on Amazon in 24 hour before this fault this product ranked on 2,804 on Amazon but after this incident it comes to 331.

There have only one word difference between the two gaming consoles name which is "one" as Xbox one X & S (old game console) and in new is "series" as X Xbox Series X & S (new game console)  and it makes very confusion.

Before launch of new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S create lot of chatter about it's naming, how the Xbox Series X & S and Xbox One X & S could easily be confused to buyers and also it happens after starts of pre-orders of Xbox Series X and S lot of people buy old Xbox one X & S in US.

This problem happen only for the Amazon search engine because while you search for Xbox Series X on Amazon the top two results are for the Xbox Series X and the Xbox One X but main problem is images of both console is same. Amazon officially said that who's are buy the old Xbox one X accidentally on Amazon instead of Xbox Series X they will refund their full money.